Piz Linard

Coordinates: 46°47′56″N 10°04′17″E / 46.79889°N 10.07139°E / 46.79889; 10.07139
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Piz Linard
View of Piz Linard from the Engadine valley (south)
Highest point
Elevation3,410 m (11,190 ft)
Prominence1,027 m (3,369 ft)[1]
Parent peakPiz Kesch
Isolation24.9 km (15.5 mi)[2]
ListingList of mountains of Switzerland,
Alpine mountains above 3000 m
Coordinates46°47′56″N 10°04′17″E / 46.79889°N 10.07139°E / 46.79889; 10.07139
Piz Linard is located in Switzerland
Piz Linard
Piz Linard
Location in Switzerland
LocationGraubünden, Switzerland
Parent rangeSilvretta Alps
First ascentAugust 1, 1835 by Oswald Heer and Johann Madutz
Easiest routeScramble

Piz Linard is a pyramid-shaped mountain of the Swiss Alps. At 3,410 m it is the highest peak of the Silvretta mountain range.

It was first climbed on August 1, 1835, by the geologist and naturalist Oswald Heer led by Johann Madutz.

Piz Linard from the north in July 1986

There is a legend that a man of name "Chounard" reached the summit in 1572 carrying a large golden cross; however, the cross has never been found.[3][4]

Piz Linard is located between the valleys of Val Lavinuoz (east) and Val Saglains (west), both part of the basin of the Inn river in the Engadine valley.

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